The perfect fit meets an unique pair of shoes

Handmade to Perfection

  • Hand crafted by dedicated artisan Portugese masters fully passioned
  • Blake contruction
  • Precisely measured
  • All popular models
  • Sneakers, classic and running 
  • Options
    • Soles
    • Leather colors
    • Hand painting effects
    • Suede colors
    • Buckels and laces
  • You are in control
  • From € 279,-

These shiny handcrafted shoes are proudly and passionately crafted in the worlds best country for shoe ateliers. Portugal.

The most popular thinkable models are optional and come in a blake construction using the best raw materials. At your place we’ll have a nice selection of both leather colors and suede colors, handpainted effects, soles, buckles and laces to choose from. The perfect fit meets an unique pair of shoes designed by you and with your name on it. 

Men need to be in control and walk proudly into the next week like every day is a weekend day. And why not; let’s create your favorite sneakers to complete your styling weekend as well.

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